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IRB Racing

East End SLSC is very proud to have a fantastic IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boats) section to our club. The dedication to the Lifeguard movement is shown in the involvement that the members have within the club and community.

To keep the skills of IRB crews honed SLSNZ hold regional and national competitions, these events are awesome and there is a real team effort when our crews are racing at these events.

Crews all work together to achieve individual and club goals, a crew is made up of a driver, crewman and patient.

IRBs (Inflatable Rescue Boats) play a very important part in the Lifeguard movement by providing a quick and effective way of providing preventative measures and rescue services during patrol hours (over 70% of all rescues are performed by IRBs).

IRBs are also used to provide water safety during both Junior and Senior Surf Life Saving competitions, provide water safety for external water events (e.g. sea and lake swims, triathlons), and also is used during water based search and rescues.

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