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Why Support Surf Lifesaving?

The New Zealand coastline is one of the most spectacular in the world, and is New Zealand’s favourite playground. Tragically, there are still too many people who drown at our beaches. Yet there are thousands of others who have been given a second chance at life, thanks to our Surf Lifeguards. Surf Lifeguards are ordinary people that do extraordinary things.


Whether a child has been knocked over in the shallows, an adult is caught in a deep rip, or a fisherman washed off the rocks, Surf Lifeguards are always ready and willing to offer lifesaving support.


At a moment's notice, they risk their own lives to save someone they've never met. And they do this day in, day out. They are true heroes of the surf. But even heroes need quality equipment and training to get the job done. To train and equip just one volunteer Lifeguard costs more than $2,600.00.


Surf Life Saving needs your support now so we can continue to provide essential rescue and patrol services in the future. Please give as much as you can and support Surf Life Saving.


$25.00 - Refill oxygen cylinders - vital for resuscitation treatment


$60.00 - Buys an emergency pack - an essential piece of patrol first aid equipment


$120.00 - Purchases a rescue tube - an effective deep water floatation device


$350.00 - Provides basic training for a new Lifeguard


$550.00 - Provides a stretcher - essential for spinal injury cases and moving patients unable to walk


$4,000.00 - Purchases a Defibrillator - vital for the treatment of heart attacks


$20,000.00 - Purchase an Inflatable Rescue Boat - a fast and reliable way to reach endangered swimmers.


Surf Life Saving relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses to fund our essential services. Coastal property development, increased popularity of the New Zealand coast for recreational purposes, and the ever-increasing costs of rescue equipment and training, are stretching our resources to the limit.


We need your help to continue to provide this essential service in New Zealand.


Please make your donation now!

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